Life is better when you live it with style.

yoo berlin is, above all else, a lifestyle. And style inspired by Philippe Starck is above all else a reflection of yourself. The secret to what Starck calls democratic design is freedom – freedom to choose and express yourself.

Connoisseurs who favour Classic understand the finer things in life and have an intuitive attraction to sensual connotations in their lives. Classic style lovers tend to be particular. Having worked hard for their achievements they have a certain sensibility and can afford to indulge themselves with the finer things in life.

The Culture style person is someone who might be a collector, and certainly enjoys indulgence. He or she is confident, daring, not afraid to mix colours and styles.

The Minimal style palette is for people who work in demanding environments but prefer to live in an oasis of calm and tranquility.

Nature style people are free spirits, attracted to playful combinations that can inspire their inner dialogue and dreams of creating a better world for themselves and everyone around them.