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The economic operation analysis meeting of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd. in the third quarter of 2022 was successfully held

On October 20, 2022, the third quarter economic operation analysis meeting of First Construction Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the west conference room on the first floor of the company. Shen Xiaofeng, Chairman of the Board of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd., Li Jianjun, General Manager, relevant leaders of the company, main heads of various departments and staff representatives attended the meeting. Group leaders An Xiaonan, Zheng Yaochun, Zhao Wei and other relevant leaders were invited to attend the meeting.


The leaders in charge of the company reported the key work, goal completion, highlights and main problems in the work in the third quarter of 2022, and elaborated the next work focus, ideas and next work goals according to the current situation.


Li Ke, the rotating executive general manager, summarized and reviewed the work of the first three quarters of First Construction Technology, fully affirmed the recent work of each department, and summarized the problems exposed by each department in the third quarter. He said that the main task of the company at this stage is to take a positive attitude to explore problems and solve problems in a pragmatic way based on the current situation. All departments have highlighted the existing problems. Next, we hope you can find out the root causes of the problems and gradually analyze and solve them. He pointed out that enterprise operation is like riding a bicycle. We always insist on the stable progress of the main line. Even if there are left or right deviations on the way, as long as the wheels are still rotating on the axle and moving on the road, our enterprise can still maintain stability, and eventually we can achieve our goals as well.


He emphasized that the most important factor for the company to develop and grow is to keep the whole company together, strengthen the communication between various departments, and maintain the interconnection of information. He also proposed that in the future business operation process, we should further strengthen the construction of the service system, be a "plant protection doctor" for farmers, strengthen product reserves, and think of a way out based on the pesticide industry. There is still much room for improvement.


Finally, President Li Ke encouraged all cadres and staff to find consensus, find problems, grasp problems and solve problems in their future work. On the road of our growth, there has never been a savior. We rely on our own efforts and use our own hands to create the future.

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