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First Construction Technology Co., Ltd. held the training of "project management theory and practice drill"

In order to further enhance the company's project management ability and improve the practical skills of project management personnel, First Construction Technology Co., Ltd. held a training on "Project Management Theory and Practical Practice" in the West Conference Room on the first floor on October 15. The training was jointly organized by the Enterprise Management Department and the Human Resources Department. More than 60 participants mainly came from the technology sector, production sector, project assistants, etc.


Li Ke, the rotating executive general manager of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd., made a brief introduction and explanation on the significance and purpose of this training. He asked everyone to improve the logical thinking of project management and the ability to use tools through this training, apply what they learned to their work, further improve the efficiency of project management and promote the progress of the company's projects.


In the first stage of the training, Xing Yibo from the Enterprise Management Department shared the course of "Project Management Theory and Application of Project Tools". Teacher Xing focused on the "five process groups" and "ten knowledge areas" of project management to elaborate the underlying logic of project management, and explained the application concept and key points of the "one page project" tool.


In the second stage of training, Ma Qibiao, the project manager of Beihai, shared the course of "project tool practice". Based on his years of practical experience in project management and taking the Beihai project as an example, Manager Ma made a thorough and detailed explanation of the problems encountered in the project and the measures to solve them, so that everyone had a further understanding of the practical aspects.


The third stage of the training is the "practical exercise" link. All the participants are divided into six groups. Based on the knowledge shared by the lecturer, they can brainstorm and take the actual project in work as an example to make a "project page" on site. Later, everyone actively participated, discussed and presented on the stage in turn. The last two lecturers made detailed comments and guidance on the projects of each group.


At the end of the training, Ma Hui, General Manager of Enterprise Management Department, made a summary speech on the training. She said that this training included both theoretical sharing and practical exercises, which enabled everyone to further learn project management knowledge from theory to practice. She hopes that in the next work, we can really apply the project management tools to practice and further promote the progress of the company's projects based on our own work.

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