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The first "universal benefit autumn and winter" product launch meeting in 2022 was successfully held!

In order to start the sales of autumn and winter products and give back the long-term support of dealers to the company, Qiaochang modern agriculture grandly held the launch meeting of 2022 "inclusive autumn and winter" products in Binzhou from August 15 to August 16. Dealers from Shandong region, Shanxi Hebei Inner Mongolia region, Henan region, central China region and Qinghai Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia region attended the meeting.

On August 15, the company welcomed the dealers in qingtengyuan Hotel and held a welcome dinner. Mr. Zhang Wen, the rotating executive general manager of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech.


Subsequently, the banquet atmosphere was promoted to a climax through wonderful performances, enthusiastic singing by dealers and sales personnel of the company.


On the morning of August 16, dealers from all over the country, led by the company's interpreters, visited the production plant, showing the scale and development of the company's production plant, enhancing the stickiness between customers and enterprises, enabling customers to recognize the company more and promote the company's products with more confidence.


After the factory visit, the dealer friends arrived at the conference room of the hotel, and the launch meeting of "Pratt & Whitney autumn and winter" products was officially held. Mr. Li Jianjun, general manager of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd. and other company leaders attended the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, all the staff in the meeting room stood up and sang the song of Qiaochang.

Subsequently, Mr. Sun Guangxian, the sales director of domestic preparations, shared the "enterprise development planning and industry development situation analysis". In the face of the constant changes in the industry, Mr. Sun said: "Whoever has the ability to integrate will be in strategic alliance with him! How far you can go depends on who you walk with!" In the face of the opportunities and challenges revealed by the changes in the industry, Mr. Sun said: "select responsible large enterprises, keep up with the pace of enterprises, and under the favorable situation of inflation, through scientific reserves and in-depth cooperation with manufacturers to promote products, we can find profits from them."


Then, Liu Yihe, product manager of the marketing department, explained the herbicide products and interviewed key customers. Through the introduction of customers, the brand image of the products was established and the promotion was more convincing.


Then, Hu Peng, product manager of the marketing department, explained the insect and fungus products, focused on promoting the drug silicon series seed dressing, and preheated the listing of the new product mineral source potassium fulvic acid.


Subsequently, pan Jinbao, manager of Shanxi Hebei Inner Mongolia Henan region, explained the conference policy for customers and explained the theme of the conference - "inclusive autumn and winter".


Finally, general manager Sun announced the explosive products policies that customers can enjoy and the preferential prices ignited the atmosphere of the meeting.


There was a long line of customers at the cash collection place, and the lottery was tense and warm.

In the afternoon, the company organized and arranged customers to visit Sunzi art of war city and Weishi manor, so that customers could experience the charm of art of war and business.


At the farewell dinner, Mr. Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of Shoujian agricultural group, personally visited the site in spite of his busy schedule, and cordially communicated with dealers, so that customers could further feel the concern and warmth of the company.


The meeting was successfully concluded. The customers came to Binzhou, saw the company's strong strength, got the most favorable product price, and felt the warm service of every first builder. After the meeting, the personnel of the first marketing department immediately went into the market and continued to connect with customers.

Products have power, customers have confidence!

The policy is really awesome, and everyone benefits!

Rush! Rush! Rush!

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